Care Pack

Your Meds.
Tailored to you.
In a pretty box.

Hassle-Free Medication Management

How It Works

Turn your pill bottles into one sleek box. Your prescriptions will come packaged by the dose, and each is clearly labeled with the date and time based on when you take them.

Who It Works For

Patients who are on multiple medications each month will find the greatest satisfaction from our Care Pack. It simplifies your dosage, removing the guesswork in managing your medications. Plus, it’s easy to take on the go! The ease of keeping track of your medications and the convenient packaging makes it ideal for patients of all ages and lifestyles.

Why It's Great

Gone are the days of carrying your pill bottles around and asking yourself “Did I take my medication this morning?” Whether you are going on vacation or just have a work day on the go, you can simply tear off the dates and times you need and easily tuck them into your suitcase, purse or briefcase.




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