Care Packs

At Southern Pharmacy, we enjoy bringing you a unique pharmacy experience through our customized products and services. We want our patients to lead healthy lives and believe it’s our job to make that as easy as possible. You already have so many boxes on your “to do” list. Let us check the prescription box for you.

Introducing the Southern Care Pack. A better way to manage your medications. Your meds. Tailored to you. In a pretty box (coming soon).

Care RX

Tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy for your monthly medications? Join our Care RX program to enjoy same day refills on all your prescriptions.

Diabetic Care Club

A Premier Care service for patients actively receiving medications from Southern Pharmacy. Enroll in our Diabetic Care Club and you will receive:

• 100 Free Test Strips EVERY month if you do not use insulin
• Reduced cost of $10 per box of 50 extra strips
• Members get as many boxes as you need for $10 each
• FREE Testing Meter
• Discount on Lancets
• Special offers and free diabetes support products throughout the year
• Pick your supplies up anytime during business hours
• Use our CareRX service and get your medicine and strips on the same day every month
• Bi-annual medication reviews with your own health coach

CareKids Club

We know children don’t always eat right. That’s why we’re excited to offer a free vitamin program for kids: our CareKids Club. It’s a great way for us to care for our young customers and help them establish healthy choices for their future. Once enrolled, you can receive a free 30 day supply of kid’s multi-vitamins every month.

Free Delivery

We offer free in town prescription delivery to our customers! Whether you have sick kids, elderly parents or you’re just too busy to squeeze in a trip to the pharmacy – we are here to help! If you don’t qualify for our free delivery service, we can also mail your meds.